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Mike's Story

"Nine months ago I was sitting on the couch scrolling through my phone. I saw that Jack posted a video of some lifts and I commented that I wanted to be more like him in the coming year. It was just an off-handed comment, and while I did want to start lifting one day, I didn’t really have a solid plan to ever get started, and I had already been putting it off for 20 years or so. I was 40 years old, sitting around on my butt getting soft and lazy. Jack replied to my comment and said that he could help me get started when I was ready, and he gave me some advice about what kind of equipment I would need.

Then, I hesitated. I didn't reach back out for help with getting started up. I was allowing time to pass, as I had many times before in my life when I would think about starting. I sat around for a few months before Jack reached out again and encouraged me to get started. I agreed and decided to trust whatever he said and just see how it went.



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Jack gave me a simple program to learn the proper form and to start building up some core strength. He sent me videos and detailed instructions about each lift. He also had me send him videos of all my lifts after every workout. He watched the videos and gave me encouragement and constructive commentary. He turned things that seemed very intimidating into a series of very manageable tasks. He got excited when I was successful and helped me find a passion for growth and discipline. He began to give me more complex programs, and built me up slowly but surely. He emphasized proper form and preventing injuries. I had no idea that virtual lessons, of any kind, could be so thorough, interactive, and fulfilling.

Jack has been training me for only nine months at this point and I already feel like a totally new man. My lower back problems are gone. I am much more agile, flexible and a whole lot stronger. I have learned discipline and I have even seen improvements in my mental health. I have developed determination and a positive attitude. I wake up faster in the morning, I have more energy throughout the day. I try to follow Jack’s instructions about eating for energy and recovery. I have replaced fat with muscle and have also lost about fifteen pounds of excess weight in the process. I have told more than a few people that lifting weights is the ultimate life-hack that I never knew about. I had no idea the multitude of benefits that this program would have on my life, and I could not have come this far without Jack’s careful instruction, motivational messages and his dedication to checking in on me regularly, and teaching me what consistency really means. "

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